PDCA Seminar: Deep Foundation Integrity Testing & Wave Equation Analysis


March 4, 2024

Orlando, FL


The one-day seminar is designed for geotechnical, structural and construction engineers, owners, contractors, and other professionals involved in the design, construction and specification of deep foundations. This seminar is suitable for those new to the field of Foundation Testing and Analysis and includes an overview of non-destructive testing methods (integrity and load testing) and their applications. It is suitable also for those specifying the testing to gain a basic understanding for assessing the results presented in the test reports and for those needing an understanding of wave equation analysis methods. Those attending the two-day workshop that follows this seminar are strongly encouraged to attend this review of wave equation background materials.


Ryan Allin, P.E.
Garland Likins, P.E. ret., M.ASCE
Michael Morgano, P.E.

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