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Engineering firms that offer foundation testing services are sometimes challenged or even overwhelmed by the data analysis processes because of the mere quantity of analyses required in a very short time. Whether due to competing job commitments or the complexity of the data collected in the field, some testing firms require external assistance to complete the testing process.

GRL’s senior engineers make available their world wide experience gathered during several decades of dynamic foundation analysis available to resolve difficult situations.

Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) owners may collect field data and retain GRL Engineers for the essential step of performing a CAPWAP® analysis. GRL offers various levels of service: basic CAPWAP analysis (usually on a 24 hour turn around), additional support with data interpretation and complete reporting.

Alternatively, owners of PDA models that include SiteLink® connectivity (PAX and 8G) may send their PDA to the field for a pile driving monitoring job, and request that GRL perform the entire test from their offices, including data collection, using SiteLink. To coordinate with a GRL office for SiteLink services follow these instructions

GRL also offers analysis of data obtained with the Pile Integrity Tester, Cross-Hole Analyzer and Thermal Integrity Profiler, as well as review of analysis results and reports.  Most GRL Engineers have achieved Advanced Level or higher on the PDCA/PDI Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test.

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