California Office

Southern CA Office: 516 Crane Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90065

Northern CA Office: 4340 Redwood Hwy., Ste. F-110, San Rafael, CA 94903


The California Offices of GRL Engineers provides pile and drilled shaft testing services and analyses in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Contact for additional information.

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Telephone: (213) 200-4956
Fax: (216) 831-0916

California, Arizona, Nevada

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GRL is internationally recognized for major contributions to the deep foundation area of expertise. Choose from a variety of testing topics and GRL will dedicate an hour to educating and engaging with your staff. Please contact for more information or to arrange a lunch and learn program.

California High Speed Rail
The GRL California office has provided extensive testing services for the California High Speed Rail including shaft cleanliness and verticality evaluations, dynamic load testing, low strain integrity testing, CAPWAP analyses and GRLWEAP analyses.