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Load Testing Drilled Displacement Piles in Difficult Conditions: Jane Hotel Project in Manhattan New York
48th Annual MET Geotechnical Seminar, New York; 2024 - Santulli, G. Ryberg, A.
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Axial and Lateral Load Test Performance of Steel Fin Piles
DFI Journal Volume 17, Issue 2; November 2023 - Hubler, J. LaRegina, A. Iezzoni, H. McInnes, S. Ryberg, A.
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Drilled Shaft Base Quality Reductions Identified with Thermal Integrity Profiling
DFI 48th Annual Conference; 2023 - Coleman, T. Belardo, D.
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Load Testing for Acceptance of Shafts with Questionable Integrity – Case Studies
DFI 48th Annual Conference; 2023 - White, B. Slomski, S. Klausing, B.
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Pile Load Displacement Prediction by Using Non-linear Load Transfer Curves
Proceeding of the 21st Southeastern Asian Geotechnical Conference and 4th AGSSEA Conference; 2023 - Oh, Y.P. Ooi, P.H. Sinnreich, J. Lee, Y.K. Oscar, H.H.W. Wong, K.W.
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Quantitatively Assessing the Geometry and Base Conditions of Drilled Shaft Excavations
the 11th International Stress Wave Conference, The Netherlands; 2022 - White, B. Morgano, M. Phetteplace, B.
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Advantages in Using Thermal Integrity Profiling
the 11th International Stress Wave, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 2022 - Piscsalko, G. Ellis, M.
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