Case Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP) Analysis

CAPWAP® is the most accurate analysis method to determine deep foundation capacity from pile top dynamic measurements. In pile driving analysis, there are three sets of unknowns: internal pile forces, pile motions, and external pile forces. CAPWAP is a signal matching software program that uses pile or shaft top force and velocity measurements collected by a Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) to extract the external deep foundation forces consisting of the static and dynamic soil resistance models.

CAPWAP results include the deep foundation’s mobilized total bearing capacity as well as the soil resistance distribution along the foundation length. CAPWAP graphical results include the measured force and velocity record, the best match, the resistance distribution versus depth, and a simulated static load test load-set curve.

CAPWAP numerical results include the CAPWAP summary results table detailing the resistance distribution, the dynamic soil models, match quality, and pile stress maxima. For driven piles, the CAPWAP determined soil resistance and dynamic soil models are often used to develop GRLWEAP refined wave equation input parameters and establish the pile installation criterion.



The founders of GRL Engineers, Inc., developed CAPWAP Signal Matching software. GRL Engineers are experts in the use of this program, allowing them to provide analysis results effectively and efficiently.