GRLWEAP14 Wave Equation Analysis

Estimating Bearing Capacity, Blow Counts, and Pile Stresses

GRLWEAP14 Wave Equation Analysis is a one-dimensional software program which models the pile driving process, simulating the motions and forces in a pile’s foundation while installation with an impact or vibratory hammer. Following entry of a soil strength with depth profile, a drivability analysis calculates capacity, blow counts and driving stresses with depth, allowing recommendations on cushion stiffness, hammer stroke and other driving system parameters that optimize blow counts and pile stresses during pile driving.

For example, the analysis investigates if the pile can be driven to capacity at depth or if a soft or hard layer causes excessive tension or compression stresses or unacceptable blow counts.



The founders of GRL Engineers, Inc., developed the GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis in the early 1970s, which has become the industry standard pile driving simulation software for pile driving professionals worldwide. GRL Engineers are experts in the use of this software program, allowing them to provide analysis results quickly.