Deep Foundation Testing, Analysis, and Consulting Services. 

GRL Engineers services range from small specialized testing jobs (such as evaluating unknown foundations)
to large-scale projects requiring the monitoring and analysis of hundreds of test piles nationwide.


Testing & Consulting



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Scotts Hill Water Tower in Wilmington, NC
The foundation for the Wilmington Water Tower specified Dynamic Load Testing and Low Strain Integrity Testing on production drilled shafts. Utilizing Low Strain Integrity Testing identified an impedance, and the load test in combination with a CAPWAP Analysis assessed the pile load capacity.
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NASA Vehicle Assembly Building
The largest single-story building in the world, the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center, underwent structural upgrades to accomodate the Artemis missions returning to the moon. GRL Engineers provided Thermal Integrity Profiling services to assess pile integrity, APPLE High Strain Dynamic Load Testing services on augercast piles to determine load capacity, and CAPWAP analyses to simulate a static load test.
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Radius Dilworth Overlook in Charlotte
Thermal Integrity Profiling was used to take thermal measurements during concrete hydration on the overlook project in Charlotte, NC. GRL Engineers performed integrity testing on 14 production shafts for the high-rise foundation.
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