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Pile Dynamics' SQUID Appears in Piling Canada Magazine
Read page 53 of Piling Canada's December issue to learn more about shaft cleanliness and its importance in deep foundation construction. The SQUID is highlighted as an innovative solution for gathering quantifiable data at the shaft base. Other products on the market tout the uses of cameras, which leave room for error in interpretation of results. The data-driven technology shows force and displacement results in almost real-time during testing.
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Keeping the foundation in good SHAPE
The Shaft Area Profile Evaluator (SHAPE) device is featured in Construction Europe's October magazine as a solution for avoiding drilled shaft irregularities. The article, found on page 30, touts the benefits of using ultrasonic signals for measuring shaft radius.
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The Dynamic Load Tester for High Strain Testing on Deep Foundations
In this issue of Piling Canada, Pile Dynamic's Dynamic Load Tester (DLT) is featured. On page 59, the DLT is announced as "The Next Evolution in Dynamic Load Testing". The article discusses the benefits of using high strain dynamic testing on drilled shafts, a practice that used to be reserved for driven piles. With the DLT, high strain tests are performed after the shaft has been created. With the interest in drilled shafts growing in the industry, high strain dynamic testing with the DLT will become a more common practice.
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