Deep Foundation Testing, Analysis, and Consulting Services. 

GRL Engineers services range from small specialized testing jobs (such as evaluating unknown foundations)
to large-scale projects requiring the monitoring and analysis of hundreds of test piles nationwide.


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Rehabilitating the Van Wyck Expressway
GRL Engineers proposed Dynamic Load Testing on micropiles for the Van Wyck Expressway. The initial micropiles were damaged and Thermal Integrity Profiling was utilized to assess the integrity of the alternate piles. CAPWAP Analysis was also provided after testing to further evaluate static pile capacity.
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SR23 First Coast Expressway
GRL Engineers was the SR23 project's Dynamic Testing Engineer (DTE) for the 26 bridges on 10.5 miles of new multi-lane limited access toll roadway to State Road 23, part of the First Coast Expressway. Prior to construction, a GRLWEAP Pile Driveability Study was performed for initial hammer selection. Dynamic Pile Testing and Monitoring was performed using a Pile Driving Analyzer and results were assessed with CAPWAP software to establish production pile driving criteria.
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Lynch River Bridge Replacement
In Florence, South Carolina, GRL Engineers provided various testing methods for the Lynch River Bridge replacement. Prior to pouring concrete, a Drilled Shaft Base Cleanliness Assessment was performed, followed by a Drilled Shaft Verticality Assessment. Once the shaft was determined acceptable, the concrete was poured and the instrumented cage was installed. After curing, the engineers used a Bi-Directional Static Load Test to assess load capacity.
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