Deep Foundation Testing, Analysis, and Consulting Services. 

GRL Engineers services range from small specialized testing jobs (such as evaluating unknown foundations)
to large-scale projects requiring the monitoring and analysis of hundreds of test piles nationwide.


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SR23 First Coast Expressway
GRL Engineers was the SR23 project's Dynamic Testing Engineer (DTE) for the 26 bridges on 10.5 miles of new multi-lane limited access toll roadway to State Road 23, part of the First Coast Expressway. Prior to construction, a GRLWEAP Pile Driveability Study was performed for initial hammer selection. Dynamic Pile Testing and Monitoring was performed using a Pile Driving Analyzer and results were assessed with CAPWAP software to establish production pile driving criteria.
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Lynch River Bridge Replacement
In Florence, South Carolina, GRL Engineers provided various testing methods for the Lynch River Bridge replacement. Prior to pouring concrete, a Drilled Shaft Base Cleanliness Assessment was performed, followed by a Drilled Shaft Verticality Assessment. Once the shaft was determined acceptable, the concrete was poured and the instrumented cage was installed. After curing, the engineers used a Bi-Directional Static Load Test to assess load capacity.
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Northwest Railroad Bridge Project
In this case study, the northwest railroad project utilized GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis and Dynamic Load Testing on 3 indicator piles. Previous experience near the site indicated the potential for significant pile capacity increase with time. A restrike was performed in an unusual way to optimize the foundation.
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