Deep Foundation Testing, Analysis, and Consulting Services.

GRL Engineers services range from small specialized testing jobs (such as evaluating unknown foundations) to large-scale projects requiring the monitoring and analysis of hundreds of test piles nationwide.


GRL Engineers, Inc, is a professional engineering firm established to provide specialized testing, analysis, and consulting services to the deep foundation industry. GRL operates the largest dynamic pile testing firm in the world, as well as an industry leading provider of integrity test methods for deep foundations including thermal integrity profiling, cross-hole sonic logging, and low strain integrity testing.

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GRL Engineers, Inc.

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We Perform

PDA Pile Monitoring and Dynamic Testing Services

Assessments of structural and geotechnical pile bearing capacity, measurement of soil resistance, driving stresses and hammer performance. Learn More

GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis

Analysis with GRLWEAP program for job preparation and in selection of proper pile driving equipment. Learn More

Bi-Directional Static Load Testing

High capacity static load cell test method for drilled shafts, bored piles, barrettes, and ACIP/CFA piles. Learn More

Static Load Testing

Validation of foundation design assumptions regarding the axial compression or axial tension resistance provided by a deep foundation element. Learn More

Drilled Shaft Profile & Verticality Evaluation

GRL Engineers, Inc., offer SHaft Area Profile Evaluator (SHAPE®) services to measure and report the characteristics of a wet pour, drilled shaft excavation. Learn More

Shaft Base Cleanliness Evaluation

For improved shaft bottom cleanliness, GRL Engineers utilize a Shaft Quantitative Inspection Device (SQUID™) to measure force and displacement at the bottom of a drilled shaft. Learn More

Thermal Integrity Profiling Services

Thermal Integrity Profiling is a technology that utilizes the heat generated by curing of concrete to assess the integrity and quality of drilled shafts, augered cast in place (ACIP) piles and other concrete foundations. Learn More

Crosshole Sonic Logging Services

CSL Integrity Testing is performed by transmitting and receiving an ultrasonic signal between two parallel access tubes cast into a deep foundation element. Learn More

Low Strain Integrity Testing

Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing is a non-destructive pile testing method for integrity assessments of augered cast-in-place piles, drilled shafts or driven concrete or timber piles.  Learn More

Offshore Foundations Testing

Assistance with successful pile installation for offshore platforms worldwide. Learn More

Energy Measurement

Measurement of the energy transferred by either a Becker Drill or an SPT hammer to increase accuracy. Learn More

Specialty Engineering Services

Training, third party test evaluation, embedded gages, pulse echo, frequency response inductive or parallel seismic evaluations. Learn More