Drilled Shaft Radius, Volume and Verticality Services with SHAPE®

GRL Engineers, Inc., offer SHaft Area Profile Evaluator (SHAPE®) services to measure and report the characteristics of a wet pour, drilled shaft excavation.

Thermal Integrity Profiling with Cloud Capabilities by GRL Engineers

Thermal Integrity Profiling is a technology that utilizes the heat generated by curing of concrete to assess the integrity and quality of drilled shafts, augered cast in place (ACIP) piles and other concrete foundations.

Crosshole Sonic Method (CSL) with GRL Engineers

GRL Engineers assess the concrete integrity of a drilled shaft using crosshole sonic (CSL) method. After the concrete has been poured, the probes are lowered into the shaft, and pulled simultaneously to scan the length of the shaft.

Bi-Directional Static Load Testing (BDSLT) by GRL Engineers

The GRL-Cell is a high capacity device installed within a deep foundation to statically load test the foundation.

GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis by GRL Engineers

GRL Engineers perform GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis to find the relationship between bearing capacity, pile stress and blow count, known as the “bearing graph.”

SQUID™ Shaft Base Cleanliness Evaluation

After drilling and bottom cleaning is complete, GRL engineers perform a SQUID™ base cleanliness assessment to determine the thickness and relative lateral extent of any soft material or “debris” remaining at the shaft base.

APPLE8 Dynamic Load Test – Slow Motion Drop Weight

GRL Engineers Inc, APPLE Dynamic Load Testing Systems are an attractive alternative to static testing of any deep foundation and are designed to activate a large range of test loads. Find out which APPLE meets your needs.

GRL Dynamic Load Testing Using APPLE System

Dynamic Load Testing requires either a pile driving hammer or a special ram to impact the foundation. GRL's APPLE load testing systems can be configured for a wide range of weights and delivered to projects anywhere in the continental USA.

GRL Featured on Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge

Roads and Bridges Magazine visits the construction of the first span of the George V. Voinovich Bridge, commonly known as Innerbelt Bridge, in Cleveland, Ohio. GRL Engineers, Inc., tested the integrity and capacity of the foundations of this structure.