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Van Wyck Expressway Case Study

GRL Engineers proposed Dynamic Load Testing on micropiles for the Van Wyck Expressway. The initial micropiles were damaged and Thermal Integrity Profiling was utilized to assess the integrity of the alternate piles. CAPWAP Analysis was also provided after testing to further evaluate static pile capacity.

GRL Engineers Bi-Directional Static Load Test (BDSLT) Animation

During a bi-directional static load test, the deep foundation element is instrumented to provide information about soil and foundation response to load. GRL cells can be installed in drilled shafts, augercast piles, drilled displacement piles and barrettes.

Seattle Center Arena Case Study

GRL Engineers performed Thermal Integrity Profiling on the Seattle Center Arena, also known as the Climate Pledge Arena, the world’s first net zero certified arena.

GRL Engineers Static Load Testing Animation

Static Load Tests provide pertinent information regarding load capacity, movement, and elasticity. GRL Engineers offers axial compressive testing, axial tension testing, and lateral load testing.

Central Florida Expressway SR 528 and SR 436 Interchange Reconfiguration Case Study

In this case study the $118 Million interchange reconfiguration was initiated to create a smoother, more efficient transition for heavy airport traffic flow on the Beachline Expressway.

1-80 Tons: Dynamic Load Testing

APPLE Load Testing Systems are available with a range of modular weights from 1 to 80 tons.

APPLE8 Dynamic Load Test – Slow Motion Drop Weight

APPLE Dynamic Load Testing Systems are an attractive alternative to static testing of any deep foundation and are designed to activate a large range of test loads.

Dynamic Load Testing with APPLE Systems

GRL’s APPLE dynamic load testing systems can be configured for a wide range of weights and delivered to projects anywhere in the continental USA.

How Engineers Perform Dynamic Load Tests with Drop Weight Systems

Using APPLE drop weight systems, GRL Engineers can perform high strain dynamic load tests on drilled shafts and driven piles.

Estimating Top-Load Movement and Base Resistance with Bi-Directional Static Load Testing

GRL Engineers offers bi-directional static load tests using a pressurized GRL-CELL.

How Engineers Use Bi-Directional Static Load Testing with Pressurized Cells on Drilled Shafts

GRL Engineers use the Bi-Directional Static Load Test on deep foundations to determine load capacity.

Safe and Economical Dynamic Pile Monitoring

GRL Engineers perform Dynamic Pile Monitoring to obtain and evaluate driving system performance, driving stresses, pile integrity, as well as the soil resistance magnitude and resistance distribution.