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Identification and Quantification of Pile Relaxation
DFI Annual; 2019 - Hannigan, P. Ryberg, A. Moghaddam, R.
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Dynamic and Static Load Testing- A Cost Savings Approach
DFI Annual; 2019 - Phetteplace, B. Hyatt, T. Alvarez, C.
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Terminology and Evaluation Criteria of CSL as Applied to Deep Foundations
DFI Annual; 2019 - Sellountou, A. Amir, J. Canivan, G. Chernauskas, L. Hertlein, B. Kandaris, P. Kovacs, T. Likins, G.
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Empirical Assessment of Base Material for a Drilled Pipe Pile
Deep Foundations Magazine, 74-78; 2019 - Moghaddam, R.
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Assessment of Shear Strength from Measuring While Drilling Shafts in Florida Limestone
Canadian GeoTech; 2019 - Rodgers, M. McVay, M. Horhota, D. Sinnreich, J. Hernando, J.
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Drilled Shaft Base Cleanliness and Geometry from Newly Developed Equipment
Foundation Drilling Magazine; January 2019 - Moghaddam, R.
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