Dynamic Pile Monitoring Services

Safe and Economical Pile Driving Monitoring

During pre-construction test programs, Pile Driving Monitoring helps formulate driving criteria. During the installation of production piles, it helps check that driving happens in accordance with the established criterion and gives information on soil resistance at the time of monitoring and on driving system performance.

Dynamic Monitoring with a Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) dynamic testing system also calculates driving stresses, helping reduce the risk of pile damage. If stresses indicate a high potential for pile damage, driving can be stopped and alternative installation procedures evaluated. Pile Monitoring happens during driving in real time, without major delays to construction.

GRL can perform Pile Driving Monitoring with an engineer on the job site or from their office, using SiteLink®

When the pile driving hammer impacts the pile top, accelerometers and strain transducers attached to it obtain data that is converted to velocity and force readings. GRL analyzes the measurements with a PDA. Data obtained during Pile Driving Monitoring may be used to estimate bearing capacity during driving with Case Method or iCAP®, or after data collection with CAPWAP®.

Dynamic Pile Monitoring is based on the Case Method of pile testing and is standardized by ASTM D4945 Standard Test Method for High-Strain Dynamic Testing of Piles.