Pile Driving Monitoring SiteLink®

Pile Driving Monitoring with SiteLink® gives you the same results as conventional Pile Driving Monitoring, often at a lower cost: During preconstruction tests, it helps formulate the driving criterion. During production piling it monitors soil resistance, driving performance and driving stresses.

The difference? The engineer stays in the GRL office during the test – it’s all done via the Internet. GRL sends a Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) to the job. The field crew is trained to attach sensors to the PDA and follow simple instructions.

SiteLink, also known as Remote Pile Driving Monitoring, gives you remarkable advantages:

  • Cost efficiency: do not pay for travel or down time of engineer on site
  • Convenience: easier to schedule tests at best point in the project timeline
  • Speed: no travel delays; get analysis, results and recommendations faster
  • Agility: reduced turnaround time; piles can be tested on short notice when need arises
  • All this lets you test more: more testing means more economical design (LRFD) and less site variability risk

Follow these Instructions to connect with the GRL Engineer using SiteLink.