Thermal Integrity Profiling Cloud Services

GRL Engineers offer a secure Cloud portal which stores project data for Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP™) tests. This technology was developed for quick, convenient access to project data during and after testing. The TIP™ software helps identify areas of concern such as potential necking, cage alignment irregularities, or over-pour bulges. Having access to this data in real time during the hydration period offers the opportunity to identify potential construction issues far earlier than other integrity test methods.

The Cloud portal is available to authorized users at any time, from any location. This allows access to the data from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. Data in the Cloud portal is only visible to users with proper authorization.

Thermal Integrity Profiling Cloud Services offers:

  • Cost efficiency: do not pay for travel or down time of engineer on site
  • Convenience: easier to schedule tests at best point in the project timeline
  • Speed: no travel delays. get analysis, results and recommendations faster
  • Agility: reduced turnaround time; piles can be tested on short notice when need arises